You & Everyone

by Boreal Sons

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Initial ideas for You & Everyone were composed at our Suncastle rehearsal space and at a quiet cottage in Radium, BC. This album was recorded and mixed under the trusted guidance and creativity of Jonathan Anderson at Protection Island Studios.

With sonic textures provided by various synthesizers, acoustic pianos, and vintage electric keyboards, we did not feel the impulse to include any guitars in the production of this record.


released September 30, 2016

Boreal Sons are:
Evan Acheson - vocals, synths, piano
Zach Schultz - drums, synths, additional vocals
Reagan McLean - bass, synths, additional vocals

Additional musicians:
Jonathan Anderson - additional vocals, synths, bongos
Jordan Klassen - background vocals

All songs written and performed by Boreal Sons
Produced by Jonathan Anderson
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Anderson
Mastering by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
Album photography by Rachel Pick

We would like to thank the following people:

Jonathan Anderson, for his creative imagination complete dedication to this project. Rachel Pick, Hilary and Aileen Twa, Zaac Pick, Monika & Jessica Tischer, Brock Mitchell & Oliver Banyard, for collaboration in creating artwork and other visuals. Julie Booth, Graham MacRae, Nick Whitcomb, Laura Stanley & Jeff Dick, for partnership in expanding the scope and reach of this album. Alyssa, Luke & Clare Anderson, Bill & Donna Huget, Vern & Marlene McLean for their gracious accommodation and hospitality during writing and recording. Our friends & Families, Jordan Klassen, Zaac Pick, Frank Lynch & Liam Nolan for your support and ongoing encouragement.

Beth Hamill & the wonderful people at FACTOR
& The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Out from the swirling synth fury that fills the first seconds of Boreal Sons’ sophomore album You & Everyone, comes the tangled, sonorous voice of Evan Acheson who sings, “I guess we just forgot this would happen to you and everyone / Here and then you’re not.” It’s an opening line that’s akin to a gasp and welcomes you to their new record by giving you a shake and making your heart beat fast.

Last year, Acheson attended six funerals, including his grandfather’s. Inevitably, death was on his mind when it came to write You & Everyone. He found a clearer direction for his writing when he turned to one of his favourite authors Annie Dillard, who, in The Writing Life, asks, “Why does death so catch us by surprise, and why love? We still and always want waking.” Her words became a central access point for Acheson as he grappled with death and came to recognize the similarly shocking effects that falling in love and the death of someone close can have on a person - a major theme of the record.

After they finished touring overseas in 2014, the Calgary-based band were at a sonic crossroads. Acheson (vocals, piano, synths), Reagan Cole McLean (bass, vocals, synths), and Zach Schultz (drums, percussion, vocals) had released two EPs (in 2010 and 2012 respectively) and their LP Threadbare (2013) but they had done so without the same guitar player for any two consecutive releases. Without a permanent guitar player moving forward, this lack of stability had once again caught up with them, and they began to doubt the direction of the band.

Their collective identity crisis did not mark the end of Boreal Sons but instead was a catalyst for change. They resolved to experiment and decided the three of them had developed enough experience together that they could forge ahead without a guitarist. The trio went on a getaway to a secluded cottage in Radium, British Columbia where the sonic and lyrical details for their new record came together.

Under the guidance of producer Jonathan Anderson, who also produced Threadbare, You & Everyone is a textured and emotive affair: a panoply of synths, keyboards, and percussion. The intricate “Strangers” twinkles like the lights of a cityscape, while Schultz’s commanding drum work in album opener “What Becomes” amplifies the song’s revelation, and “Midnight Mass,” cast in the dark shadow of McLean’s distorted bass notes, moves from somber to celebratory when the band becomes satisfied to resign to a higher power.
Elsewhere, the beautifully layered “Another You” and the tender ballad “The Bruiser” (featuring Jordan Klassen), reveal a poppier side of Boreal Sons that’s never been heard before.

In You & Everyone Boreal Sons are curious. The sonic spaces left by the guitar lets each note stretch out and explore while throughout the album Acheson’s voice is a cocktail of grief and wonderment. Though the record’s opening line is a moment of panic, what follows is the eventual decision to relinquish the attempt to hold onto one’s life. In the slow-burning “All Catastrophe Dies,” the band resigns to accept whatever the world may throw at them as Acheson sings, “I'll keep an open mind.” Boreal Sons find comfort in faith in You & Everyone and welcome the future and whatever it may hold."

-Laura Stanley



all rights reserved


Boreal Sons Calgary, Alberta

Cinematic and intimate with a distinct lyrical poetry, Boreal Sons drift between Sublime Art-Rock and Experimental Pop, as rippling backgrounds of scuzzy bass, intricate percussion, and whirring electronics ebb and flow in alluring instrumental arrangements - the voice of Evan Acheson a common thread running throughout, tying everything together. ... more

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Track Name: What Becomes
I guess we just forgot
this would happen to you and everyone,
here and then you're not

I stayed a week inside your house
Did I think I'd find you there?
I walked the hallways, climbed the stairs
I was a child whispering

Where are you?

Shattered prism glass
refracting infinite
What becomes of us, I don't understand

I watch a kettle on the stove
and the wick of a candle burn
I try to catch the steam and smoke
I am a child calling out

Where are you?
Track Name: Another You
You ask me if I believe
more than I can see,
I say there's a parallel world
where we never meet

another version of me
with another point of view
and no sense of perspective
walks past another you

I'll be nowhere but here
With another future in mind
I've got nowhere to be
Tell me, where else do you have to be tonight?

Don't be so predictable,
won't you take a chance?
Maybe in a parallel world
you're not looking back

another version of you,
with vision of a different kind,
embraces the uncertain
and leaves all the rest behind
Track Name: Strangers
I don't think I'd ever seen your face before
but somehow I knew you
Maybe its the way you looked as lost as me
I remember our eyes locking

What did you see in my eyes unfolding?
You saw through me like you'd always known me

I have never seen my own face before,
only a reflection,
rippling on the water and out of reach
always removed from me

When you met me
I thought I was broken
When you doubt me
remember that moment

You saw through me
like you'd always known me
You saw through me
like you'd always known me

When you doubt me
remember the moment
You saw through me
like you'd always known me
Track Name: The Bruiser
Do you want me to fight for you?
Well, I might need a little bit of pushing before I follow through
but I've got an ego for the bruising,
got a temper for the losing.
Is that a start, is that a start?

Cause you're making me almost trust myself

You know your face could start a war
and I don't know what I'm waiting for
You know your face could start a war
and I don't know what I'm fighting for

Can we go somewhere else to talk?
There's a man pissing on a car door in the parking lot
and that guy at the bar's been glancing at you since you spilled your champagne down your dress, should I rough him up?

Cause you're making me almost trust myself
Track Name: Light of a Low Sun
Is it dawn or is it dusk?
Morning calm or evening rush?
I don't care either way
light of a low sun locked in place

Once you told me it was cheap
to think we don't have all the time we need
We can find centuries
in the pause between each heartbeat

Our shadows slow,
Oh won't you follow,
won't you

Take my hand under the tangled arms of the willow tree
Let time shape us into something we never thought we'd be

And it feels like we could live
lifetimes in a single breath
So let it out slowly now
Maybe this day will last somehow

Take my hand under the tangled arms of the willow tree
Let time shape us into something we never thought we'd be
Track Name: In the White
On your wedding day
the flower girl will freeze
statue still halfway down the aisle
she'll be lost again
just a little girl
baffled by what she's found inside her basket

A single blue petal in the white
A single blue petal in the white

You'll look just like her
curious at first
Puzzled by what you find when you're not looking
Your eyes straight ahead
but you'll be lost again
baffled by the only one you'll notice

A single blue petal in the white
A single blue petal in the white
A single blue petal in the white
Track Name: Midnight Mass
On the night your hair licked up the flames of silver candles
you were holding as you prayed, holding as you prayed
I was bowing my own head and trying to figure out just how to say
you're beautiful, I couldn't find the way

lifted up my eyes and saw you burning through the blackness,
and I couldn't look away, I couldn't look away.
Yellow tongue of holy fire resting on your head,
but there was nothing I could say, nothing I could say.

In the cathedral on my knees
Praying "burn all the numbness out of me"

I'm the blind man in the pew
my hand outstretched to memorize you
hoping to recall what it was to see,
searching through the smoke and smoulder
rising from your neck and shoulders,
I can almost feel, I can almost feel

In the cathedral on my knees
praying "burn all the numbness out of me"
In the cathedral on my knees
praying "burn all the blindness out of me"
Track Name: All Catastrophe Dies
In the hush before a storm
press my ear to the door
I am just a listener
I am just a whisperer
waiting for a word
Here for just a while
catch me by surprise

When you hold me close I know
all catastrophe dies
only for a little while
but that's long enough for me
to think of death or love
I'll let you decide
catch me by surprise

Pinwheel in your hand
waiting for the wind
shaking where we stand
breath upon our lips
Not sure what we'll be
after all of this
I'll keep an open mind
catch me by surprise
Track Name: Bind & Loose
Rising suns on your face,
light of ten thousand days
poured its colours over you like rain
In spinning reds, burning blues
There's a song that you knew
There's a love that chases after you

There must be some mistake
O, child of fate
I meant to say
I'll see you again

There's a light that you kept
spun like silk, wound as thread
in a body never meant to keep
Like a laugh breaking through
Like a spool turning loose
all the beauty in the world at once

There must be some mistake
O, child of faith
I meant to say
I'll see you again